Sun, Fun and Suffocating Parents?

The stereotypical picture of “Brits abroad”, mainly featuring planes packed with drunk and carefree pleasure-seekers, is not the reality. A third of young adults admitting they actually prefer to holiday with family instead.

Due to high living costs, unemployment or zero hour contracts, many young British adults rely on their parents when it comes to paying for a holiday abroad. In fact, two thirds of them cannot afford to pay for a holiday by themselves.

New research has additionally revealed that two thirds of young adults are struggling to go abroad alone, as they are too scared to do their first trip without their parents. According to a survey by My Travel Cash, two thirds of young adults confirm that their parents worry excessively about them whilst they are away. (Survey conducted by my Travel Cash of 935 UK respondents in March 2015)

A third of them admitted relying on their parents in some way or another for their first trip, even when they go away with their friends! They admitted that they are feeling unsafe without their parents and will contact them regularly while away. Some even have their suitcases packed by their parents, as they are not aware of what they should take or what they need.

It is understandable that a trip to a different country can be scary, but it’s worrying that a lot of young adults seem to be unable to cut the pre-mature strings to their parents and might be relying on them for too long.

Right or wrong? There is no right or wrong. Everyone needs to decide on their own when the right time is to cut the strings. The most important thing is to feel comfortable to explore life and have new experiences, which ultimately help people to grow into adult life. As long as parents bring up the children in an open and responsible way, allowing them to grow into responsible and open-minded adults, they will leave the nest eventually.

By Birgit Allport


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