Reasons to Donate to Children In Need and the People They Help

1.     Children In Need was created by the BBC to make a difference to children across the UK. Children In Need wants to make sure that every child has a safe, happy, secure childhood which gives them all the opportunities they need for their future.

2.     Where Does The Money Go? Children In Need use the money to support projects by charities. They promise that from every pound they are given, a penny goes to a project they support.

3.     Last year all of the donations helped Children In Need change and improve the lives of 480,000 children and young people in the UK.

4.     Children In Need support 2,500 projects for children that aim to improve their lives. These projects range from supporting poverty, deprivation, disability, neglect, abuse and much more.

5.     Since Children In Need started in 1980 donations have raised over £790 million which has gone to aiding the lives of children and young people.

The People They Help:

Children who are born deaf often have a hard time developing and connecting with other children. Children In Need help this disadvantage because they work with Hearing Dogs for Deaf Children. A real life story of this is Sam and Ember. Ember is a highly trained hearing dog and now helps Sam do all the same things other children can do and alert him to any dangers. Before Ember, Sam was scared, he felt awkward in social situations, but now he is unafraid knowing that Ember is always there for him. Thanks to the donations to Children In Need, Hearing Dogs for Deaf Children is able to train over 750 dogs in the UK.

When children and young people are disabled it can often be hard for their families to afford the equipment they need. The charity Whizz Kids helps to provide these children with the mobility equipment they need to lead a normal life. Children In Need’s ‘Fun and Friendship’ grant of £300,000 allows them to do this.

Some children in the UK don’t even have everyday essentials, that’s why Children In Need’s Emergency Essentials Programme with Buttle UK. It helps to provide families with the everyday essentials that they might be lacking, a warm bed to sleep in, money to pay for the electricity and heating bills, clean clothes, school books, all the things that we might take for granted.

It’s all of these things that make donating even just a small amount of money to Children In Need an excellent way to help disadvantaged children and young people across all of the UK.

By Jayne Leese


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