7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day One

Completely changing my diet I have vowed to eat no animal products for an entire week. An entire week of vegan food on a student budget.

Day 1

Soya milk isn’t that great. I managed to get a good deal at ASDA – 3 bottles for £3 but it has an aftertaste I’m not used to. I don’t think I’ll notice it in the porridge though, so I’ll just have to not drink it on its own.

Lunch was a little more exciting! Salad, a watercress sandwich, radish and a nakd snack. I ate a lot of watercress sandwiches as a kid and absolutely love them; they’re so easy to make and refreshing to eat.

Today was the first time I ate radish. Surprisingly they’re quite plain. Not sure I’ll be having them again but thanks anyway to Dasha for yet again giving me food.

At 4pm I got back home and started the butternut squash, apple and onion soup. The recipe I found said to use a vegetable stock cube, however I discovered a lot of them aren’t actually vegan. After some digging I found Kallo stock cubes which worked really well even if they smelt a bit odd.

The soup turned out so well! It tasted like how I imagine autumn feels. And if that doesn’t make sense you’ll just have to try it… you’ll definitely understand what I mean.

No, I didn’t eat all that bread by myself; my mum helped a lot.

Alpro do a range of vegan desserts, thank God! For a while there I thought I was going to have to survive without pudding. This made for a perfect snack and actually tasted better than some regular old dairy chocolate yogurts.

The first day passed easily! Maybe going vegan is easier than I expected… or I just have more self-control than I first thought. No cravings just yet, but that’ll probably change when I go to my friend’s house tomorrow as I know for a fact that she fully intends to eat cake and pizza right in front of me. 

By Kelsie Colclough

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