7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day 3

As expected my history of pancake mistakes did not end today. I made it a bit too thick and I definitely made far too much, but this just means I have pancakes for later. Hurray!

To make the pancakes I edited this recipe; I didn’t have any maple syrup in them, but they tasted fine without. In retrospect, I should have mushed up the bananas before adding them to the mix so it blended easier.

The vegan pancakes had s similar texture to regular ones, the bananas worked as a replacement for the missing eggs and I didn’t really notice the soy milk.

The cravings from yesterday went away altogether once I ate the pancakes. Maybe I was just longing for some sugary goodness. It made a pretty good late breakfast complete with raspberry leaf herbal tea.

For a study snack I sprinkled my last packet of nakd strawberry nibbles onto some almond yogurt. One thing I hear about vegan food is that it’s boring. Over the past few days I’ve realised that’s completely wrong, vegan food does have flavour to it and this snack was the perfect sort of sweetness.

Using this recipe but replacing olive oil with sunflower oil, I whipped up some sweet potato fries. To spice things up I used paprika, turmeric and cayenne pepper with some bulgur wheat, red pepper, peas and a spring onion I whipped up some tabbouleh. Really easy to make, full of protein and tasty. 

By Kelsie Colclough

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