7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day Four

Today I wasn’t feeling very well at all and all I wanted to do was bury myself in comfort food. To cheer myself up a bit, I had some spicy pakoras, some salad and an apple.

Still no appetite at lunch time I scoffed down some snacks, curled up on my sofa and watched some Disney movies. There’s no better way to spend a day, really.

Look at all the food I can’t have. My family came home with the food shopping and I had to look at cheese, chocolate and milk and die internally. On top of not feeling well this wasn’t good for my mentality.

I turned to Instagram for motivation and somehow ended up on a weird browsing spree of the internet. I found Ethical Consumer which gave me more information about why vegans do this and how. Up until now I’d just been trying to get by with new eating habits without thinking much deeper about it.

For dinner I enjoyed a jacket potato and salad. After reading about the effects of the dairy industry on the environment, my cravings for cheese had all but dissipated. 

By Kelsie Colclough

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