7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day Five

I feel tired, but I don’t think the vegan food is to blame... I’ve definitely been eating plenty. Maybe fresher’s flu has finally caught up to me?

A big breakfast was in order to fix my sleepiness. I blended up 2 handfuls of strawberries, a few tablespoons of almond yogurt and roughly a cup of soy milk to make a refreshing smoothie. I’m not a fan of lumpy smoothies so this one was of course blended within an inch of its life.
Everything was really nice, except for the Weetabix. I don’t think the soy milk was the culprit. There’s just no way to save Weetabix, even with a ton of sugar. It’s just… Let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea and move along.

For a snack, I stepped into the unknown and spread half an avocado. The rice cakes were great, the avocado… not so much.

Because my taste buds rejected the avocados, I had to fill up on beans on toast. Alpro’s chocolate dessert was a side snack, just a little treat. I don’t think I’m becoming attached to them, it’s not like I have 6 more by the fridge waiting for me...

Even though my avocado adventure had failed, I didn’t plan to play it safe for dinner. I was determined after days of hunting for gram flour in ASDA (I eventually found it in Tesco) to make the Dosa (they’re like wraps). My first attempt didn’t go well. I put way too much coriander in the mix and was overly ambitious with the size; it crumbled in half when I tried to flip it.

Eventually I had success and I can report that potato masala is wonderful, regardless of what you think of vegan food you should absolutely try it. It’s so good I could eat it for every meal! But let’s face it; if I did that this blog wouldn’t be very interesting. 

By Kelsie Colclough


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