7 Day Vegan Challenge: Day Seven

Porridge. I have mastered the art of porridge.

Even when this is over, I’m going to eat porridge for breakfast every day. How I plan to improve on perfection I have no idea I just know I need more porridge in my life.

Since I had a late start for uni I had plenty time and no excuses to make a big lunch - rice plus a side dish of clumsily chopped veg.

No one was around when I was taking a picture of my snacks, thankfully. Arranging my food and trying to get good lighting outside was stressful enough without people staring at me. The life of an Instagrammer is a stressful one.

My last vegan dinner was pasta with homemade tomato, pepper and basil sauce. The recipe is a big favourite by my vegetarian mum who has been very supportive through this… apart from the time she left slices of cheese unguarded in the kitchen and asked me to do the dishes! I did not eat the cheese; somehow my self-control overpowered my basic need for cheese.

The last vegan day ended with another chocolate pudding, a dose of relief and a stomach ready to abandon soy milk forever. I’ll be keeping some of the recipes (the butternut squash soup especially) but restricting my diet like this certainly did not come naturally. I take my hat off to vegans and I’d like to thank them for liking my pictures on Instagram. Much appreciated.

My next step might be vegetarianism seeing as meat has been the easiest thing to give up. 

By Kelsie Colclough

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