ARTIST OF THE WEEK: The Courteeners

Who are they?

Hailing from Manchester, featuring an outspoken frontman in Liam Fray, with a penchant for both talking up his own positive attributes and getting into verbal scraps with other bands. The Courteeners are a popular, indie rock band that have been influential enough to receive regular comparisons to some of the greats of Britpop.

What are they like?

They’re not far from The Smiths, The Stone Roses or Oasis. The band's bombastic brand of indie guitar rock bears the influence of all three acts, as well as comparisons to contemporary bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. It is easy to identify what the band want to be as a collective and they have made definite strides towards this while successfully, as the bands lead man Liam Fray states, “freshening up”.

What should you listen to?

Personally, the 2013 album ANNA stands out as a shining example of well-blended musicianship and vibrant lyricism. This is however not the general consensus among critics, with the band’s debut album St Jude’s being preferred. A certainly an enjoyable listen, so this seems the best place to start.

By Stephen M. Wallace

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