Who are they?

Formed in Gloucester in the summer of 2014, Four Dead Crows consists of:

Danny Thistlethwaite - Vocals / Guitar

Paul Camps - Guitar 

Dan Wolski - Bass Guitar

Rob Keir – Drums


What are they like?

The band describes their sound as ‘Dirty Blues’. Unlike most blues music around today, which embraces the whole throwback trend, Four Dead Crows have reinvented Blues music in a contemporary way, whilst still bearing true to the genre.


What should you listen to?

Destitute Blues

The new single from Four Dead Crows is a cool western/blues track that would easily sit well on the soundtrack to The Walking Dead.

Thanks to Joshy Lee (Amarock Films), the video for the quartet’s latest release manages to capture the style and tone of the song down to a tee. From the start the eerie lighting and smoky atmosphere is mystical and mysterious, like a scene taken straight from Skyrim.

Four Dead Crows are playing to a crowd of the deceased in purgatory, which doubles up as a pub (I’m sure they all need a stiff drink), reinforcing this modern-western feel. Wealth, greed and the downfall of those in despair are all dark themes throughout the song, proving to be really thought provoking.

Complimenting the track well, the video is just as thought engrossing and certainly worth a watch.


Watch Destitute Blues for yourself here:

By Lillie Mae Stubbs

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