Single Review: Lucius - Something About You

Need a song that’s completely out there in comparison to your usual style? Lucius have just the single for you!

Something About You is the bands third release off of their upcoming album Good Grief and it is quite the musical curveball.

Like a contorted pop and grunge hybrid, it practically marches to it’s own beat.

It makes you feel like you’re falling down a rabbit hole of warped synth and distorted bass lines.

The commanding vocals from Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, are the guiding light through this multi-layered track.

They bring a palpable energy and a sense of harmony amongst this musical discordance.

But this bizarre mix of riffs and beats has surprisingly made for quite the addictive little piece.

If you want to feel the full effect make sure you watch the music video. Visually, it syncs flawlessly with the chaos of Something About You.

Nothing quite prepares you for the amount of elongated limbs and incredible blazer/turtleneck combos.

Surprising, challenging and most importantly daring Lucius have radically pushed their sound into new dimensions.

A quirky musical expression that just needs to be heard to be truly understood.

Lucius will be touring the UK this April, you can check out the dates here for more information. 

By Melissa Tucker

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