Single Review: The Hummingbirds - Knocking on my Door

For an unsigned band, The Hummingbirds are certainly making huge waves in the indie scene.

This four piece from Liverpool are on the verge of releasing their debut album Pieces of You, and its already being snapped up at an incredible rate through pre-order.

Their single Knocking on My Door is a prime example of why these guys are being so eagerly received.

The song is a fusion of many genres you wouldn’t think would mix together. There’s a country soul vibe underpinning the track, but it’s delivered in a modern indie way.

If you merged the Arctic Monkeys with some of Mumford & Sons older material you would have something in the same vein as The Hummingbirds.

But somehow they make it work. It’s an incredibly cohesive track that’s well arranged with its on point harmonies and sliding scales.

It has that effortless swagger to it that makes it an instant ear worm.

The heartfelt vocals delivered by Jay Davies, really brings a morose sort of edge to the track that's surprisingly pleasant to listen to.

Knocking on My Door is a classic tale of heartbreak that’s delivered in a not so conventional manner.

By Melissa Tucker

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