Josh Wallet, Students' Union Live Lab

We're proud of Josh for using their discipline expertise to create a fantastic new look for one of the Students' Union venues.

Richard Hill, Student (Computer Games Design)

We're proud of Richard for their hard work and dedication to building an online Games Design community to support their peers.

Tim Davies, Lecturer HSE

We're proud of Tim for the excellent support they provided to one of their students, in a circumstance most would consider life changing.

Lisa Mansell, Lecturer CAE

We're proud of Lisa for inspiring her Students to develop their love of their studies and take great pride in their work.

Karen Latcham, Senior Lecturer HSC

We're proud of Karen for going the extra mile to promote inclusion for her Students.

Molly Hudson, Student (Sports Journalism)

We're proud of Molly for her exceptional writing talent and for being the only student and only female to be shortlisted for an Industry Award in Sports Journalism!

Rob Shaw, Senior Lecturer CDT

We're proud of Rob for looking out for a student in such a difficult time and supporting them to reach their goals.

Birgit Allport, Student Volunteer

We're proud of Birgit for her incredible commitment and drive to make change happen.

Squeezebox, On Campus Service

We're proud of Squeezebox for looking after the environment whilst looking after their customers!