Student Stories

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The LGBT+ Network Committee , Student Volunteers

For being wonderful, friendly and supportive of Mental Health

Ross Mountford | Student, CAE

We're proud of Ross for taking the time to help a friend in need.

Henry Price and Kris Krastev | Committee Volunteers, Students' Union

We're proud of Henry and Kris for building our eSports Community here at Staffordshire University

Ellie Nicklen | Student, CAE

We're proud of Ellie for making a big difference to the future of our Engineering Society

James Walton | Student, CDT

We're proud of James for being a valuable source of support for his peers.

Leonard Stuart, Student Volunteer

We're proud of Len for their work supporting students facing poor mental health and engaging them in our community


Student Group Stories

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Staffordshire Scarlettes Cheerleading team , Student-Led Group

For supporting each other through difficult times

Jake Mee | Club Manager, Mountaineering Club

We're proud of Jake for making our Mountaineering Club something to proud of as a volunteer alongside his Studies.

Staffordshire Scorpions Cheerleading Club | Student-led Group

We're proud of the Staffordshire Scorpions for making such a big impact on the lives of our students and for supporting our community.


Learning and Teaching Stories

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Lesley Hayes, Lecturer HSC

For supporting others with their mental health

Esther McCallum-Stewart, Associate Professor CDT

For promoting equality and inclusion

Karl McCormack , Lecturer SBS

Inspiring others to have confidence in themselves

Nadean Johnson and Kirsty Apps | Lecturers, HSC

We're proud of Nadean and Kirsty for having such an positive impact on their Students.

Stuart Butler | Senior Lecturer, CDT

We're proud of Stuart for the encouragement and support they provide to their Students.

Jayne Evans | Lecturer, HSC

We're proud of Jayne for supporting a student through an incredibly challenging time, helping them to achieve their goals.


Community Stories

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Savana, Charitable Organisation

For supporting our community


University Staff Stories

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Sue Skinner | Technical Specialist, Technical Services

We're proud of Sue for providing excellent services and the support as part of our Community.

Jacqui Pegg | Hospitality Assistant, Staffordshire University

We're proud of Jacqui for making every day special for her customers.


Students' Union Staff Stories

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Anaida Fernando, Elected Officer

For supporting our community

Lisa Huson | Duty Lettings Manager, Students' Union

We're proud of Lisa for always being there for students, particularly when they most need her!

Ralph Hayward | Student Adviser, Students' Union

We're proud of Ralph for the excellent quality advice and guidance they provide but also for their compassion and character.

Steve Sutton | LRV and Verve Venue Manager, Students' Union

We're proud of Steve for being a consistent support for his team, even in the most challenging of times.

Molly Woodhouse | Live Lab and Union Team Member

We're proud of Molly for taking pride in her work and developing her employability - whilst supporting the Students' Union to be the best we can be.

Isaac Robinson | Union Team Leader

We're proud of Isaac for leading his team with dedication and enthusiasm!