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Student Stories

Alice Russell, Student DTA

For being an incredible Students' Union Volunteer

Charmaine Watkins, Committee Volunteer

For being an incredible Committee Volunteer

Level 4 Psychology Course Reps, Course Reps SUSU

For dedication to promoting and engaging Student Voice

Becky Bates, Student SBS

For dedication to our students to her voluntary roles

Stuart Messinger, Senior Lecturer DTA

For being a lecturer to be proud of

SWLPA Level 6 Cohort, HSC

Staffordshire University Students' Union

Natalie Simm, Student SBS

For being an amazing student, friend and part of our community

Bee Swann-Thomas, Student LSE

For providing excellent support for Mental Health

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Learning and Teaching Stories

Charlie Lovatt, Lecturer LPF

For delivering incredible student experiences

Louis Martin, Lecturer LPF

For everything they do to support our community

Keith Wharton, Lecturer LPF

For the incredible support they provide

Andrew Edmonds, Lecturer LSE

For excellent quality personal tutoring

Cathy Rutherford, Senior Lecturer LSE

For inspiring our community

Edward Tolhurst, Senior Lecturer HSC

For passionate and dedicated work as a study supervisor

Sarah Higgins, Lecturer LSE

For passionate and dedicated lecturing

Ahmad Haidery, Lecturer LSE

For delivering excellent student experiences

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Community Stories

OMG Radio scoops more awards!

Our award- winning student radio station has done it again

Tim Bailey, Civic Fellow

For going above and beyond to support our students

Campus Security Team

For keeping our community safe and always being there for us

Emily Hodgson, Student-Led Group Member

For creating an amazing student-group

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