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Could You Be A Course Rep?

Each course at our University should have a Course Rep - usually one for each level (year) of the Course. A Course Rep is there to connect your lecturing staff to the needs and desires of their students in order to enhance the experience everyone has whilst studying at Staffs.

This means engaging with their peers to understand the ideas and issues faced on their course and collaborating with the staff who deliver it to make the changes students want and need. The role involves completing some short online training, engaging with your Union, students and University staff, and attending three or four meetings throughout the year.

Interested? Take a look at these slides for a little more information.

Anyone can be a rep; you simply need to sign up using the short form below!

Please note: you'll need to be logged in via your University account in order to access the form - if you're having trouble, just email for support.

Department Representatives

Your Elected Officer Team couldn't represent your academic interests without help from Department Reps. These are student leaders who represent the student voice across each Department. Just like Officers, they're elected for and by you.

Together with your Course Rep, they will work hard to ensure that your ideas are listened to, any problems are dealt with, and changes are communicated back to you. Each of your representatives regularly meet with University staff in your department to get the best outcomes for students!

Are you looking for who your current Course Rep is?
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Representation Diagram: How Different Reps Work Together