Course and Department Representatives

Course Representative

These are the students who represent you on your course. They are here to make sure that student issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. We are currently beginning recruitment plans for being a Course Rep or returning to the role in 2021/22. 

Log into your student account to sign up here: Click here to sign up to Lead the Change and be a Rep!

Department Representatives

Your Elected Officer team couldn't represent your academic interests without help from Department Reps. These are student leaders who Listen to, Speak about and Share the student Voice across Courses in each Department. Just like Officers, they're elected for and by you.

Together with your Course Rep, they will work hard to ensure that your ideas are  listened to, any problems are dealt with and changes are communicated back to you. Each of your representatives regularly meet with University staff in your department to get the best outcomes for students! Don't know who your Course rep is? Click here for our "Find my Rep" page.


Your Department Reps

Digital Technologies and the Arts


Jonathan Payne





Media & Performance

Taylor Jay Williams


Games Design & Technology

Jamie Nicholas


Visual Arts & Entertainments

Patrick Regan


Art & Design

Gianni Toro

Health and Social Care

Midwifery & Allied Health Professions

Callum Smith



Kat Suffolk


Social Work & Social Welfare

Claire Kempson

Law Policing and Forensics

Criminal Justice & Forensic Science

Samantha Bowman



Kay Gethin

Life Sciences and Education


Eloise Henley






Kerry Crawford & Shona Reynolds


Sport & Exercise


Staffordshire Business School

Business School

Jade Woodhouse


Business School

Sarah Ostler


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