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Could Your Be A Course Rep?

Course Rep LogoEach course at our University should have a Course Rep - usually one for each level (year) of the Course. A Course Rep is there to connect your lecturing staff to the Student Voice of their peers in order to enhance the experience everyone has whilst studying at Staffs!

This means engaging with their peers to understand the ideas and issues faced on their course and collaborating with the staff who deliver it to make the changes students want and need. The role involves completing some short online training, engaging with your Union, students and University staff and attending 3 or 4 meetings throughout the year.

Interested? Search our What's On page for "Be a Course Rep" or take a look at these slides for a little more information.

Anyone can be a rep, you simply need to sign up using the short form below!

Please note: you'll need to be logged in via your University account in order to access the form, but if you're having trouble, just email for support.


Are you looking for who your current Course Rep is? Click here for our "Find my Rep" page.

Department Representatives

Your Elected Officer Team couldn't represent your academic interests without help from Department Reps. These are student leaders who Listen to, Speak about and Share the student Voice across Courses in each Department. Just like Officers, they're elected for and by you.

Together with your Course Rep, they will work hard to ensure that your ideas are  listened to, any problems are dealt with and changes are communicated back to you. Each of your representatives regularly meet with University staff in your department to get the best outcomes for students! 

Your 2021/22 Department Reps

Department Rep Pronouns Biography

Kerry Crawford - PsychologyMachine generated alternative text:



What course do you study? 

Psychology and Counselling 

"Why you choose to be Department Rep?"

After doing the role last year, I wanted to continue to work with the amazing team within Psychology to improve student experience

What are you most excited to get involved with/change next year?

To continue to work on improving student experience alongside Shona, including bridging the gap between the foundation students at the college and the University. 


Shona Reynolds - Psychology 
Captured photo


What course do you study? 

I am a mature Psychology single honours level 5 student who has also completed the Psychology Foundation Year with the University based at the Sixth form.

Why did you choose to be Department Rep? 

After a experiencing the last surreal 18 months as a student during a pandemic and experiencing the impacts of the pandemic and seeing the impact on those studying around me, as well as those working hard to educate and support us.

Kerry and I spoke early on in 2021 on how difficult the task would be to support students effectively going into 2021/2022 as we transition back into what we hope will be a more normal uni life experience for all. We have ran to try and make this transition back into uni life as smooth sailing as possible for all. I am most looking forward to getting stuck in, meeting with students and our union to make a difference and helping all student voices to heard.

Eloise Henley - Biology

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What course did you study? 

Level 6 BSc Biomedical Science

Why did you choose to be Department Rep? 

I chose to be department Rep because I believe I can be the visible, active representative that Bioscience students deserve, who will ensure all their voices are heard.

What are you most excited to get involved with/change this year? 

I am most excited to get involved with opening a wider path for communication and conversation between students and reps within the department, as well as between students on all pathways and all levels. I am excited to develop the sense of community even further within the Biosciences at Staffs. 

Kay Gethin - Law she/her

What course do you study? Law. 

Why did you choose to be Department Rep? 

I chose to become a department rep because I want to truly guide my peers to success and to improve the quality of their academic experiences. I also want to focus my attention on mental health and general welfare - A healthy person = ‘Healthy’ grades.

What are you most excited to get involved with/change next year? 

I am most excited to have an impact on the academic experience of my peers, guide the future academic experiences and improve my personal, professional and academic relationships with lecturers and university leaders.

Jamie Nicholas - Gaming Institute



What course did you study?

I'm going onto a games negotiated masters

Why did you choose to be Department Rep?

To make sure games design was accessible to everyone, and that everyone within games design was represented

What are you most excited to get involved with/change this year?

Supporting students and making games design a good course for everyone!

Jonathan Paynre -Machine generated alternative text:


What course do you study?

Computer Network and Security

Why you choose to be Department Rep?

I’ve always loved getting involved and stuck in with the groups I’ve been involved with. Additionally, I’m passionate about making my voice heard, and extending that privilege to those that don’t have it. With times as tough as these, I wanted to run for my Department Representative to have an input on how this coming year plays out, so that the student body receives the very best service possible, going forward.

Coming back from my placement year, I feel I have developed the professional skills required for this position. In aid of this, I have also partaken in many previous roles of leadership and management, and am used to tackling the kind of issues one might face as Department Representative. It’s a wonderful opportunity, and one I plan to make the most of.

What are you most excited to get involved with/change next year?

For the upcoming year, I have three main goals I want to achieve:

  1. I am so excited to see the use of verbalising our pronouns is becoming more and more prominent. I want to work and collaborate with our Union team in anyway possible to further this ideal, as well as continue to develop inclusivity within my department for people of all cultures, religions, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and neurological conditions.
  2. I would like to be brought up to date on the university’s stance on the factors involved with teaching, moving forward, regarding the pandemic, to continue the dialogue of what we’re doing well, and should carry on with, but also what we can perhaps improve on for our department.
  3. Lastly, I want to return our department to a state of normality. Before the pandemic, our department was notorious for bringing in industry professionals for talks, workshops, and career opportunities. I am aware the process to bring this back has already begun, with virtual visits from external guests, and discussions of inviting people in post-pandemic. I am invested in keeping these ideas in place, and seeing them to fruition, so that this year group, and future year groups, will have the same opportunities as those of the past.

All of the above will involve communication with Students’ Union staff members, as well as the staff members within my department. I look for ward to working with them all, expanding my ideas in more detail to them, and workshopping them to become a reality.

Dan McCullen - Force Rep, West Mids Police