Elections | Candidate Support & FAQs


We understand that standing in an election might be a very new experience, which is why we offer support, guidance and top tips to any students running in an election!

If you're a candidate for the current Department Rep elections, click here to see a short summary of what to expect, and to find some key information about deadlines you need to meet.

Election Rules

In order to make sure that every one has an equal opportunity to win an election, we of course have a short set of Election Rules.

These work to the principles that everything a candidate (or friends who are supporting them) does is FairSafeLegal and Positive.

You can read the full rules document by clicking here. Its only one page, so if you're a candidate, its hugely important that you take the time to understand election rules!

How do elections work?

In order to make sure our elections are impartial, the NUS acts as our Returning Officer, the person with ultimate responsibility for ensuring elections are run properly.

A staff member from the Students' Union acts as Deputy Returning Officer, who makes all immediate decisions about the elections process.

You can find out more about these roles and what happens if anyone is unhappy with something that happens during an election, here.

If you're a candidate and you want to know what happens if you break a rule, there's another short summary to be found by clicking here.

How does voting work?

Check out the super-short video that explains the Single, Transferrable Voting system, below! We use this method of proportional representation across all of our online elections to allow students the ability to show preference across all candidates.

Quick voting FAQs:

Can I only vote for one person?

No! You can order the candidates in an order of your preference. You can still just choose one person, but you may as well order all candidates so you have a say even if your top choice isn't successful.

I'm a Candidate, can I vote for myself?

Yes! As a student, you get to vote, so if you're also a candidate, of course you can vote for yourself.

Can I go back and change my vote?

Nope - once you've clicked your final confirmation, you can't log back in and adjust your vote. Once your vote is submitted, there's no way for anyone to access how you've voted or to edit your preferences - but don't worry, you'll be prompted through the process.


Still have questions?

If you need more information, please contact:

E | studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk

Tel | 01782 29 5840