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The Leadership Race is our annual elections for Students to choose their Full-Time Officer Team, Network & Student Group Committees and Department Reps for the following academic year.

This year's race isn't until February 2020, so check back for more details soon.

Looking for NUS Delegate Information? Head to the election itself for a summary.

You might also want to take a look at our overview of Academic Representation here.


Every year, the Leadership Race runs to determine who will lead your Students’ Union. Any student can put themselves forward for the role of Full-Time Officer, proposing a manifesto of their ideas and stances. Students vote to decide who should represent them through an anonymous online vote. The four candidates with the most votes will become your elected officer team for the following academic year.

Rules for the election can be reviewed here and if you're not happy with something that happens during the election, there's guidance regarding next steps here.

You can also see some of our Candidate Academy training sessions in this OneDrive. Here you can see the initial briefing we give to candidates as well as other guidance and top tips.

What is an Elected Student Officer?

Put simply, the Student Officer Team lead the Students’ Union. This means that they’re responsible for representing every student at Staffs, making sure that your voice is heard and that the University are making the best decisions for you. 

To ensure that the Union is truly student-led, the Officer Team are elected by students each year, and can be in position for a maximum of two years.

During their time at the Union they run various campaigns around the issues that matter most to students, and work hard to ensure that you have the best possible time at Staffs.

As we’re a registered charity, the Officer Team are also trustees of the organisation so they make big decisions about our staffing, finance and strategy.

Being a student officer is a full-time role that you could do after completing your studies or by taking one year out from your degree. You’ll be paid a competitive salary, offered endless training opportunities and walk away with unique and impressive experience to add to your CV.


An election?! That sounds scary!

To make sure that the Student Officer team are truly representative of our student body, they must be elected by students, in an annual election that we call the Leadership Race.

The Leadership Race involves three days of voting. During this time and prior to voting opening the candidates campaign to get as many votes as possible.

Campaigning in itself is an exciting and liberating, all be it tiring, experience. We’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through it and make sure that you’re putting your best self forward.

There are campaign training sessions sharing ideas and tips, online resources and the Student Voice Team on hand to help. During the voting period, there’s even candidates breakfast where we can all catch up about how everyone’s campaign is going and line our stomachs ready for the day.

You’ll make new friends, gain confidence and have fun. 

Candidate Badges

To help you better navigate all of our Leadership Race candidates we've introduced our 'Candidate Badges', all based around the values of our Students' Union. Each badge will be put on the relevant manifestos to show you those who are going above and beyond in our Leadership Race. 

Putting Students First – A candidate’s campaign material states an outcome or impact on students (as well as development of our Union) that refers specifically to ideas gathered from students. This might be a reference in promotion material or manifesto that specifically refers to having heard from students. “I’m going to listen to your needs!”


Being Inclusive – Your campaign promotion & materials are accessible over three platforms e.g. social media, completing the OMG pre-recorded interviews as well as on the website or in a poster. This can also include face-to-face interaction.


Enabling – Displaying a commitment to accessibility issues e.g. a consideration of accessibility in your manifesto and campaign materials. Highlighting the aspiration or providing examples of students’ ability to change the world around them. “I’m going to help you change the world!”


Harnessing Creativity - You have created a campaign video, have a clear individual slogan and/or brang to your campaign and have engaged with OMG promotion materials.


Being Friendly – Attended at least 2 of the ‘Candidate Academy’ sessions and joined the Leadership Race Candidates Facebook group


Being Responsible – Eligibility to become a Student Trustee according to the Charity Commission declaration and showing a commitment to sustainability by not over producing printed material.


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