Key dates for Department Rep Elections:

Nominations – CLOSED

Voting – 7th October (midday) to the 9th October (midday)

Vote here:

Results – at Voice Conference, 9th October


Why should students vote?

  • Every vote counts: This is very cliché but previous elections have come down to just 8 votes. Our Pagan Society has more members than that. Our venues will serve more people than that in 5 minutes when it’s busy.
  • Do something about it: Every student has an opinion on everything at Staffs, if you don’t vote you lose that chance to have your say.
  • Everyone is different: We have a very diverse University; if students don’t vote then views of smaller groups go unheard. The University is still going through a huge transition and it’s crucial that every student has the opportunity to make their voice heard.
  • Reps to great things: over the years, the impacts, or “wins” from Officers, Course Reps and Dept. Reps have shaped students’ experiences at Staffs. If students want more of this, they need to choose the best candidates to do the job! See some wins at


How to vote:

  • Voting is by Single Transferable Vote (STV) this means that students can choose a list of candidates in order of preference of who they want to win. Students can choose as many preferences as they want to, if there are 20 candidates, they can choose 20 candidates (but don’t have to).
  • Students can vote on any electronic device and will have instructions in their inbox on how to vote.


What to do if students can’t vote:

  • If a student can’t vote, go to and get them to type in their student number. If this tells them they are not eligible then they may not be able to vote in this election. If there any further or different problems email: