Joseph Knight

My Course

BSc Games Design

Why I Ran for Officer

I ran to make all campuses at Staffs feel like one united University.

My Leadership Race Campaign

Click here to view the manifesto I campaigned with in the 23/24 Leadership Race. I then worked with the rest of the team to break it down into the projects on this page.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

Election night!

Go-to Ember Lounge Order

The curly fries, of course.

Guilty Confession

Eating cereal like popcorn.

Advice to First Years

Start networking with as many people as you can. And yes, I class going out for a drink or a fun day out with friends as networking!

Joseph Knight

Vice President | he/him

An Update from Me...

26/02 - During last week, I was all over the place! Whether it be Feedback Forums or helping students individually with Cause for Concern complaints, I have been committed to ensuring your voices are heard. Also, I represented our university at the Best Bar None event at the House of Lords, which was a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the country! Finally, I've been putting posters up all around the London campus about a suite of events which are in the coming weeks, like an ethical hacking meetup happening at Four Quarters (right next to our campus!). Click here for previous updates.

My Manifesto

Connected Campuses with a Shared Identity

Staffs Uni is much more than just our Stoke-on-Trent campus! Our Stafford and London campuses can sometimes feel a little disconnected from each other and the Stoke hub. I want to foster a cohesive feel to the university and help us to all feel like one united community.

Opening the London Campus at Weekends

On the Stoke-on-Trent campus, students have a variety of spaces that are accessible to work in over the weekends. I aim to ensure a similar opportunity is available to those studying at the London site.