Joseph Knight

My Course

BSc Games Design

Why I Ran for Officer

To give more opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals during their course!

My Leadership Race Campaign

Click here to view the manifesto I campaigned with in the 24/25 Leadership Race. I then worked with the rest of the team to break it down into the projects on this page.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

Getting elected for the first time!

Go-to Ember Lounge Order

The loaded fries, of course.

Guilty Pleasure

Slamming monster energy like it's water.

Advice to First Years

Try to get involved with as many extra curricular things as possible whilst staying organised - it's tough to balance but the payoff is worth it.

Joseph Knight

Vice President | he/him

An Update from Me...

03/06 - Last week, I met up with the new site rep for London and the new Subject Rep for Games to discuss what they would like their roles to look like over the next year. As a result of this, I've worked on a proposal to change what being a course rep would look like over the next year, so keep an eye out! Also, I finished my proposal for a sensory room to be implemented into Cadman over the summer and presented it to senior members of staff. Click here for previous updates.

My 2023/24 Manifesto

Check Back Soon... We're Updating

Come back very soon to see my specific manifesto points, as we're in the process of updating the website right now!