Joseph Knight

My Course

BSc Games Design

Why I Ran for Officer

I ran to make all campuses at Staffs feel like one united University.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

Election night!

Go-to Ember Lounge Order

The curly fries, of course.

Guilty Confession

Eating cereal like popcorn.

Advice to First Years

Start networking with as many people as you can. And yes, I class going out for a drink or a fun day out with friends as networking!

Joseph Knight

Vice President | he/him

An Update from Me...

18/09 - I've spent this week in a range of important meetings - everything from finalising the finishing touches for Welcome, to discussing our partnerships with universities all over the globe! I took a day off on Friday to volunteer at the WASD Games Event in London, with 505 Games - networking with all sorts of gaming professionals. Click here for previous updates.

My Manifesto

Connected Campuses with a Shared Identity

Staffs Uni is much more than just our Stoke-on-Trent campus! Our Stafford and London campuses can sometimes feel a little disconnected from each other and the Stoke hub. I want to foster a cohesive feel to the university and help us to all feel like one united community.

Opening the London Campus at Weekends

On the Stoke-on-Trent campus, students have a variety of spaces that are accessible to work in over the weekends. I aim to ensure a similar opportunity is available to those studying at the London site.