Leah Thompson, smiling and holding up a pride flag.

My Course

MA Games Art

Why I Ran for Officer

I ran for officer as there were a lot of issues people I know had ran into on both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate. I wanted to try to make a difference!

My Leadership Race Campaign

Click here to view the manifesto I campaigned with in the 24/25 Leadership Race. I then worked with the rest of the team to break it down into the projects on this page.

Favourite Memory at Staffs

I have too many to have a favourite! A few of them are watching the Game Awards in a university room with fellow students, singing the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening at karaoke and getting to network at GradEX!

Go-to Ember Lounge Order

Loaded fries and the cheese and jalapeno bites are elite, especially with a cold pint of cider!

Guilty Pleasure

“Guilty” implies I feel bad about it, and I have no shame about being cringe as to be cringe is to be free. Anyways, I play Genshin Impact.

Advice to First Years

Remember to not get too caught up in doing everything perfectly. It’s your first year, there’s always room for mistakes! Use your first year as a chance to get involved, join student groups and get to know not only the people on your course, but people across campus in general! Also you are not, in fact, capable of speed running an entire semester’s worth of work in the space of 3 days.

Leah Thompson

Vice President | any pronouns

An Update from Me...

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My Manifesto

Check Back Soon - We're Updating

Come back very soon to see my specific manifesto points, as we're in the process of updating the website right now!