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Take some time to help other students with their university work. Answer the questionnaires that interest you most below:


+ Covid-19 Impact on Food & Beverage behaviour

A short survey for students to participate in focused on Ember Lounge and Verve.

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+ Public perceptions and understanding of homelessness

Homelessness is increasing... but we do not know how the general public feel about it.

15 participants needed (aged 18+) to take part in an informal interview online to ask some questions about your thoughts regarding homelessness.

This should take no more than 60 minutes and will help to fill a gap in UK research... Your thoughts regarding homelessness.

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact

+ A study exploring the relationship between nostalgia, personality, and mood

As part of my research project, I am looking for participants to take part in an online study looking at the relationship between nostalgia, personality, and mood.

The study will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete and can be completed online via Qualtrics.

It involves answering a number of surveys relating to various personality traits and current mood; you will also be asked to take part in a visual imagery task invoking a past memory.

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+ Sound and emotions study

My sound and emotion survey for my dissertation is here! I'm giving away £25 to one lucky person.

If you have time spare to listen to some noises and tell me how they make you feel.  All participants will be put in a random name generator and I will contact you in April if you win.

Good luck and thank you for your time!

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+ The Effect of Parenting Style and Biological Sex on Attitudes Towards Bullying and Self-Esteem

This is a questionnaire to find out the effect of gender and parenting styles, on a persons self esteem and attitudes towards bullying.

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+ Assessing students satisfaction with their course during the coronavirus pandemic

This study is still in need of first and second year participants, more information is available with the link.

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+ Cyberbullying victimisation and perpetration: are there gender differences

This study is an online questionnaire consisting of Liker scale questions investigating experiences of cyberbullying.The study aims to determine which gender is more likely to become a bully and which is more likely to be a victim.

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+ The effects of peer relationships and social media use on body image satisfaction

I am looking to recruit participants aged 18 years and over for the following research, you will be required to provide details such as your age and biological sex e.g. male or female, before completion of the study. I am asking you to take part in a study lasting approximately 30 minutes. This will involve thoroughly reading and understanding the informed information sheet once you are confidant that you wish to continue with the study, you must complete the consent form. Participants then will be asked to provide details such as their age and biological sex e.g. male or female. Once this information is obtained they will proceed with completing a questionnaire on body image and another on peer relationships, both questionnaires will take approximate 10 minutes each to complete. Finally you will be asked to state how many hours and minutes "on average per day" do you spend on social media website.

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+ A study to explore vegan mothers' experiences of feeding their infants

If you are a vegan mum to a child under the age 3 and you would like to take part in a online Microsoft Teams interview, please click the link below to find out more. You are firstly required to complete a short online survey.

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+ The perception of Natural and Urban Environment in Different Weather Condition

This is a quantitative study lasting approximately 30 minutes and will require the participant to answer a Stress Response Inventory (SRI) questionnaire, view a series of words and watch a 10 minute video. Upon answering the questionnaire, participants will be presented with a list of words and then will be required to watch a 10 minute video depicting either a rural or urban environment in a sunny or rainy weather condition. You will then be asked to write down a list of objects that captured your attention and then complete the SRI once again.

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+ Sustained internet use and its effect on executive function

This study aims to access participants cognitive functions compared to their typically internet use. To participate, you must complete an assessment of typical internet use, followed by two tasks used to access cognitive abilities.

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+ The bystander effect: do different factors affect the likelihood of intervention to cyberbullying

Investigating students responses when presented with different cyberbullying scenarios, and what factors may impact their response. Less than 20 minute questionnaire.

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+ Perceptual load and eyewitness testimony

I am conducting a study looking at memory recall for eyewitnesses to see if they can be influenced by emotional auditory stimuli.

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+ The Effect of Gaming on Cognition

This study focusses on the influence of video game play on reaction speed and accuracy.

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+ An investigation of gender stereotypes and gendered objects on the weapon focus effect

Participants will be required to view a short video clip, followed by a questionnaire where they will answer questions regarding the video viewed. The study shall take around 15 minutes to complete, and can be completed remotely, on the participants personal computer.

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+ The effect of gender identity and religion on attitudes towards homosexuality

This study consists of an online questionnaire which investigates the effects gender identity and religous affiliation have upon attitudes towards homosexuality. This study will last approximately 15 minutes. Once you have given consent to take part, you will first be asked to answer questions regarding your gender identity and religious affiliation. Following this, you will be required to state your extent of agreement (using a 7-point Likert scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree) to 10 statements about homosexuality.

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