Sharing Your Data as a Member of the Union

Allowing the Students' Union access to your University data means that you are "opting in" to membership. This means you can do the following:

  • Sign up to the Students' Union website

  • Vote in the Leadership Race and other elections*

  • Attend events at Students' Union venues and join student groups.

*Please note, there is a deadline set before voting opens to request your data is shared with the Union in order to allow you to vote. This is also when the electoral roll of who can vote is closed.

For more info, please see below.

Check if You've Shared Your Data

You can check to see if you are currently sharing your data using the status checker below.

If you didn't agree to share your data with the Students' Union when you e-enrolled, you need to contact the University from your student email account.

If you use a personal email account, they cannot confirm your identity and therefore cannot change your status.

Below is the email address you need to send it to and a template email for you to send if you wish.


To whom it may concern.

I would like to reverse my decision at enrolment and allow my personal data to be shared with the Students’ Union. Please can you make that change as soon as possible and let me know when it has been done.

Thanks in advance.

[Full name]
[Student number]

Please Note:

The Union's data import takes place overnight, so it will be 24 hours after the University has confirmed that your request has been fulfilled before you will be able to log on/register as a current student on 

The Union takes the privacy of its members details seriously. You can find our privacy policy under our terms and conditions section.

Can I Vote in this year's Leadership Race?

If you've ended up at this page becuase you're unsure if you can vote in Union elections, please head to the Elections Posts Page. Here, you'll be able to see everything that you're eligible to vote for. Nothing listed? Then unfortunately you're not currently eligible to vote.

As detailed above, you can check if you've shared your data with the Union and therefore "opted in" as a member. If not, you can follow the instructions above to share your data and become eligible to vote.

There is however, an eligibility deadline of midday on the 2nd March (the same as nominations closing). This is also when the electoral roll of who can vote is closed.

Status as a Current Student depends entirely on how the University categorise you according to your progression through your course. Your status may change if you have handed in your final piece of work, your teaching has finished or if you are only completing resits this academic year.

This means that even if you have shared your data with the Union when you enrolled or re-enrolled on your course, there are instances where you will still not be able to vote.

Two examples of the University marking your status as anything different than "Current" would be:

 - If you've left your course and the University have marked you as "Withdrawn" from your course

 - If your teaching finished earlier in the year and the University have marked you as "Complete" (e.g. negotiated masters courses)

So, if you are not registered as a Current student on the eligibility deadline of midday on the 2nd March, then unfortunately you will not be able to participate in this year's Leadership Race.

If you are currently intermitting, you can still vote in the elections as you are still classed as a registered student according to current University regulations, however next year these regulations change.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Voice Team.