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What is the union?

The union is a non-profit democratic organisation ran by students for students. This means that all the money generated from all the outlets such as shops and bars goes back into the union to fund campaigns, run the bars and shops and creates opportunities for you.

What we do

If you’re looking for societies, sports, liberation networks, volunteering opportunities or anything in-between, then we’re the people you need to speak to. If you want to learn more about what you can do here click here to see what to do or speak to our student engagement team by emailing

Ran by students for students

As we’ve mentioned, the union is ran by students for students. Every year students nominate themselves to take part in what we call the Leadership Race. It’s our mini answer to the general election. The idea is the same. Students campaign on campus for a few days and tell you their ideas of how they can make Staffs a better place for you. You vote on who should get into the union office and the winners run the union for the next academic year.

Be part of it

You are the union. The union could not and would not run if you weren’t a part of it. Luckily for you, you are automatically enrolled when you sign up. There’s no better time to kick start your university experience then now.