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Have your say on the Students’ Union




8th March 12-2pm

LT004, Ashley Building

What is AGM?

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. This is your chance to talk to the Students’ Union and University directly and hear first-hand the plans for the future of Staffs.

This is a great opportunity to take an active role in improving your student experience. Held annually, this student-led forum focusses on a series of topics and open discussion on the Unions operational and financial processes.


Ratification of Minutes

From the previous AGM, a presentation was given on the Union updates and progress on the strategy on Proud to be Staffs. The Trustee report was presented to the stakeholders and opened up to questioning. All motions were passed without further questioning from stakeholders.

The agenda from the previous AGM is below.

  • Ratification of minutes of previous AGM

  • Receiving the report of the Trustees on the Union’s activities since the previous AGM

  • Receiving the accounts of the Union for the previous financial year

  • Appointment of the auditors

  • Approving the list of affiliations of the Union

  • Open questions to the Trustees by the Members

The full ratification of minutes will soon be available to download.

Trustee Report

The Trustees’ Annual Report is an opportunity to describe our work to our stakeholders and to funding bodies. The purpose of the report is to define our aims and activities clearly and demonstrate the management of our finances, both of which help to ensure that your organisation is more effective and meets our strategic plan.

Download the full Trustee Report

Union Accounts


Current auditors of Staffordshire University Students’ Union:

Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP
Black Country House
Rounds Green Road
B69 2DG

The above have been the auditors of our organisation for the past 7 years. At the AGM, it will be opened up to question if this should be opened up to tender for next year, inviting new auditors with new process to come to the organisation.

To be a part of this discussion, make sure you attend the AGM.

List of Affiliations

In accordance with the requirements of the Education Act, Staffordshire University Students Union is required to identify and publish a list of the affiliations it has made during the course of the year.

These are set out below:

Constitutional Reform

As a charity, the Students’ Union is currently unincorporated and wants to become an incorporated organisation.

Being an unincorporated organisation means that our trustees have a lot on their shoulders from a legal standpoint. Any contract they sign on their own behalves as opposed to signing for the organisation. By becoming an incorporated organisation, they will be signing these contracts on behalf of the organisation, the law will recognise us as a legal entity and will allow us to enter into contracts, buy or lease property, and employ people as an organisation and the trustees will benefit from having limited liability.

To learn more about the process, make sure you attend the AGM.

Society Funding

If you run a society or are currently going through your committee elections, then this one is for you.

This motion is about you getting more cash depending how you rank in your Quality Mark, Community work and membership. The aim of this is to empower you and give you the flexibility to do more stuff for your society and improve your staffs student experience.

Read the full document here

Any other business?

If you have another motion you’d like to put forward for the AGM, comment below.


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