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Mohammad Asim

As Commercial Services Officer, I will work with the Union and University to create a livelier atmosphere and greater integration of students from across the globe to Staffs through the facilities and commercial sectors of the Student Union. I will work closely with the Activities Full-Time Officer to make sure that the livelier side of University life is fully facilitated.
 I see the Student Union venues at Staffs Uni as being integral to achieving such a vision, and therefore this year I will work to try and improve the standards of the venues notably at Stafford campus.
Last year saw the Love Music Hate Racism gig at Stoke Campus at the LRV. This ilk of event I hope to expand on, bringing much more live music to Stafford and Stoke campus. The diversity of the Union are important and I will help facilitate the Unions campaigning against the BNP and groups which do not have the interests of this diverse University at heart.
The main campaigns I will run are for:
·         Refurbishment of Stafford Venue
·         More live music at both campuses and a more diverse range of live acts
·         I will attempt to get comedy gigs at Stafford campus as well as Stoke and try and bring them to a more regular frequency
·         Free Education
·         Fight against cuts of University Staff, this will be very detrimental to the University position.
·         Attain a wider Vegetarian menu for both sites.
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