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Philip Ridley

Hello my name is Philip Ridley and I’m a Law student at Staffs. I am an active member of the Law society get involved with almost every event they organise, academic or otherwise. I would like to be your Law School’s representative on the Students’ Union Council.
I have had previous experience representing others as I was elected 3 times consecutively to be on the Northamptonshire County Youth Forum, once as the chair. In addition I have volunteered as part of Lepra, Marie Curie, Millennium Volunteers and the Anne Frank Trust and, over 2 years I have attained over 200 hours of certified volunteering hours. These experiences have given me a good work ethic and the ability to work with others from many different backgrounds. Also I was a Northampton County Forum Mentor which meant that I helped and trained new people to Community Forums, instructed the chairs and members of forums and public committees all of which have given me experience in working in groups and making decisions.
If you elect me to this position then I promise to:
·         Fight for attainable but important goals such as a Free Cash Point on Leek Road Campus.
·         I will go into at least one lecture for each level to take any suggestions or issues before Students’ Union Council meetings.
·         I will fight to improve the employability of Law students by pushing for more interaction with employers and professionals with the Law School.
With fees increasing this year I will make sure that the money you pay for your degree is not wasted; I’ll do this by making sure your voice is heard by the Students’ Union and the University and the issues with your education are voiced and addressed.
Vote Phil Ridley for Law School Rep.