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Ben Malbon


01782 634233

We asked Ben

What are your top three songs?

Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower, Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues, AC/DC – Hells Bells.

Tell us one thing about you that people might not know:

Back when I was much, much younger, I was part of the school choir.

What would you say is your proudest moment at Staffs Uni so far?

Last year, between being elected into office and being announced at the start of the season as captain of the American football team.

If your house was on fire and you could only save three things, what would they be and why?

My guitar, my son (not in that order) and a packet of bourbon biscuits.

If you could be anyone for a day, living or dead, who would you be?

Chuck Norris.

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

An apple, because I don’t like doctors. As the saying goes…

What would your plan be in a zombie apocalypse?

Get to the nearest military establishment, in this case MoD Stafford, break into the armoury, head to Stafford prison, remove everyone else from the building and then lock the doors.

If we are sitting here a year from now and celebrating a great year in office, what would you have hoped to have achieved?

I hope more than anything else, that I am able to do justice to the role. I’ve been in and around the university for a number of years now, and I’ve seen the hard work that previous teams have put in and the difference that they’ve made to people. I would love, in a year’s time, to look back and say I’ve given it my all, I did a decent job and made life a little bit better for students at Staffs.