Squeezebox | Green Squeeze

It's not easy being green...

But here at Squeezebox, we're committed to being green! As a Union, we proudly work towards being a Sustainable Union. Here's a few of our Green Squeeze projects in place to support this Game Changer!

Oat Milk Alternative

You can choose to have Oat milk in all your favourite hot drinks, milkshakes and smoothies. There's no extra charge, its vegan friendly and reduces the reliance on dairy cows.

Bring Your Own Mug

There's nothing like your favourite hot drink in your very own mug. But here at Squeezebox to encourage you to help save the planet, we also offer a 20p off any drink when you bring your own reusable mug!

PLA Cups, Lids & Straws

To help reduce plastic, we only use 'PLA' cups, lids and straws. But what is PLA...PLA is a corn starch, and will not be affected by this as it's compostable and biodegrades in 3-6 months.

Fairtrade Teas

Working with Fairtrade is a TEA-rific way to be sustainable, as Fairtrade farmers are encouraged to live, work and grow in a sustainable way.