Welcome | Clubs & Societies

One of the best ways to meet new people is by joining a Club or Society! Last year, thousands of Staffs students joined at least one of over a hundred Students' Union groups on offer and you can be part of it!

I want to see a full list of groups I can join...

Head to 'Get Involved' to see a full list of active Clubs and Societies. You can also attend our Clubs & Societies Fair on Wednesday 18th September at the Sports Centre on campus and speak to the students that lead these groups in person!


Are there groups for people like me?...

There's a huge variety of groups on offer! Whether you're looking to meet more people on your course or other students with similar interests, you'd be hard-pressed not to find something that floats your boat.
And... if you've spotted a gap in the market, you could always start-up your own club or society. It's dead easy and we'll support you all the way!


What if I want to try something new?...

For the first few weeks of the semester, clubs and societies run FREE taster sessions so you can try it out before commiting to a full membership so hey, if you see something a bit out of your comfort zone why not give it a go!
To find out what taster sessions are on offer, head to our What's On page OR take a look at the full list of Clubs & Societies we run and sign up to their mail list by "expressing your interest".


Can I play sport or be active?...

We faciliate loads of sports at Staffs, from Football and Netball to Ultimate Frisbee and Pole Dancing - and so much more!
You can find the sports teams and information on other ways to get active, including how to join the University gym, at the Clubs & Societies Fair from 10:30am - 3:30pm at the Sports Centre on Wednesday 18th September.
Some of our Sports Teams compete against rival University, Keele, in a spectacular showdown each year, called Varsity.


What if I want to make a difference...

...to my employability?

Making it to University shows that you are an amazing person with a wide range of valuable skills that future employers will really want, but, to find that dream career after your time at Staffs you need to build yourself a range of truly unique stories and experiences that will make you irresistible to your dream employers.
We also offer a wide range of skill workshops, varying from First Aid to interviewing skills to pottery throwing. There is something for everyone and we aim to keep our courses free.



...in the local and wider community?

Some people want to change the world and those people have to start somewhere.
Whether you're all about campaigning and advocacy or want to help out behind the scenes, we want you to have a positive impact on your fellow students, staff and wider community.