With everything that's going on in Welcome, it's hard to pick out the 'MUST SEE' and 'DON'T MISS' parts...so we quizzed our staff, peers, friends and students to hear what they had to say!


Scott | SU Vice-President 

I'm totally in love with Rollercoasters! So much so my first ever officer blog was 'My Top 3 Theme Parks'! Moving to Stoke meant I was right on the doorstep of Alton Towers (home of my favourite attraction in the UK - WickerMan). I was lucky enough to find like-minded people in the Theme-Park Society and had a great time tour the UK with fellow thrill seekers! 
Top Tip: Go meet our Societies at their fair...or join them at any point in the year by signing up on our website!

Andy | SU Marketing Manager

For me, University was all about sport, sport, sport, and sport! Before joining I played hockey for my local team and wanted to continue this at University level! I ended up playing for 3 years against other Uni's and even heading abroad on tour! It was a fantastic experience that I wouldn't change!
Top Tip: If you want to continuing playing sport, or try something new - head to the Clubs & Societies Fair where you can meet all our teams - there's sports and activities for every ability!

Steph | Student Staff Member

People who know me well call me 'Chef Steph', food is my passion! At University it can be tempting, especially with a fresh student loan, to get into the routine of regular takeaways. If you're looking for some tasty grub that caters for all sorts of dietary needs (and isn't too harsh on the purse strings) I'd definitely recommend our SU Venues, I'm really excited for their new menus this year!
Top tip: In the long-run it's absolutely better for your bank balance to cook from scratch!

Ela | SU Marketing Coordinator

As a student that commuted into Uni, I was super worried about meeting people and making new friends. Whilst I didn't settle in straight away, I made sure to take up every opportunity to meet people whether that was part of my course induction, getting involved in volunteering, or heading to the club nights during my first week.
Top tip: It's scary, but you have to put yourself out there, that's how you develop at Uni. I used to be terrified of even posting on the University's New Students Facebook Group... and now I run the Union's social media. Say 'yes' to as much as you can whilst at Uni!
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