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Nights out at LRV

Every Wednesday

Dress up to get down, Gobble is all about fun and games with DJ Dan.

Every Friday

End your week off right with our club night, with special celebrity guests and surprise events every other week.

Special Event

"Stoketober Fest 2017"

Looking for a bite to eat? On campus, we have several different places to go depending on what mood you're in. One thing you can always expect from our venues however is great value, offering low prices for some of the best grub in the area.

Want something a bit more chill?

Squeezebox offers tea, coffee and lunch in a vibrant café right in the middle of the campus.

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Interested in continuing a sport, or taking up a new one? Or what about finding a group of like minded people who share the same interests as you?

Then check our all the Clubs and Societies you can join