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Did you know that baseball was first created in England in the 18th century? It then moved to America where the Major Leagues are happening and also a big sport in Japan.

Do you like catching? Do you like hitting? Do you like throwing? Do you like running? Then come and join us for a awesome game of baseball. Baseball is a fun sport where you can catch, run, throw and hit. All level of players are welcome to the club, the more the better. We are a brand new club and hoping to get as many members as possible to play in the National University Baseball tournament that is hosted twice a year, we shouldn't miss a chance. It will be awesome meeting up with new people sharing the same goal, conquering the tournaments one by one. Baseball is really fun!

If you are great at hitting small balls over 400 yards, become our clean up.

If you can throw fastballs to shutdown batters, become our ace pitcher. 

If you like to catch balls, become our catcher to guide the pitchers.

If you are a fast runner, you could become our base stealer. 

Come and join our baseball for some adventures. If you got any questions feel free to contact me. I will try and reply as soon as possible. 


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