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Staffordshire University Equestrian Club

Welcome To Staffordshire University's Equestrian Club!

We welcome everyone regardless of ability - whether you've never been on a horse before or if you've been riding all your life! We welcome both able bodied and disabled riders with some of our main aims being to establish and develop good horsemanship whilst developing riding ability.



This years membership will be £53. The membership fee gets you:                                 

  • Opportunity to horse ride with the Club
  • Opportunity to compete for the University
  • Access to club kit
  • Free transport to and from lessons
  • Discounted lesson costs



Our Riding School

For the 2017/18 year, Courses For Horses is the base of the Equestrian Club and where we will hold all lessons, competitions and fun days!  We have incredibly supportive and high level instructors that teach us here, along with having fantastic facilities and horses available to suit all abilities!

Lessons take place Wednesday afternoons from 1pm and are averagely priced at £16 for a 45 minute group lesson.

We are looking at getting Club members a discounted cost on lessons giving everybody the chance to horse ride by making it as feasible as possible!


Phone: 01782 5055664

Address:   Courses For Horses

                 Lower Stonehouse Farm
                 Brown Edge
                 ST6 8TF


Competing for Staffordshire University

There are always opportunities to represent the University in riding competitions through the Club. Our instructors and commitee select team members based on their riding ability and competition suitibility seen in the lessons throughout the year. The aim of these competitions is to judge a rider’s ability to get the best out of an unknown horse in a limited period of time.

Our competitions involve teams performing a dressage test or showjumping round with riders competing on borrowed horses from the hosting University. These friendlies competitions range in difficulty meaning that riders of all capable levels will be in contention for being selected to represent the University!

We have also compete in the BUCS Sport League too, which consists of a team of four riders performing a dressage test and show jumping round that is marked on style and performance. There will be 4 competitions (one for each University in your area group) which are spread out evenly across the academic year so we will be able to train and improve on our performance throughout!



Socials, Hacks and Holidays!

As well as weekly lessons throughout the year, we will also have occassional
fun days, hacks and trips out. We'll also be having lots of awesome socials whether it's to go to the Horse of the Year Show, the University Sports Ball or fancy dress at Gobble! We've had our fair share of great socials...







We also organise themed fun days at the yard!






The best bit... some of our wonderful horses at Courses for Horses, we have horses to suit all abilities!







Horse riding is a risky sport but we do our best as a club to minimise any risks that may occur. Within the very first session you will be given a safety talk and told the do's and dont's about behaviour on the yard, on your horse and general safety. Suitable riding wear and shoes are also to be worn to the yard too.



        The Committee:   

        President: Harrison Succoia

        Vice President/Finance Officer: Elle Smith

        Communication Officer: Connie Hutchings






Anyone who can drive and would be willing to collect/transport people to lessons would be a major help! You will be able to claim your petrol costs back from the Union. 

For more information, please email us at:

Or contact us via Facebook: