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Welcome to the Staffs Korean Culture Society!

Hello everyone, come and meet new people and share interests. Even if you don't know anything about Korean Culture, there's something everyone will like and be able to participate in. 

Whether you're interested in K-Pop, Korean Dramas and media, the Korean language, Korean culture and history or anything else, everyone is welcome to come along. 



What do we do?

We meet three times a week for different sessions with the common interest of Korean Culture and media and the idea of sharing those interests with other people. We strive to make a friendly, welcoming community for all those interested as well as a fun and interesting environment for people to learn and share.

Who are we?

We have slightly more commitee leaders than normal but that gives you more people to reach out to if you have any questions. Our committee leaders include:

Georgia: Head of the Society (Our leader-nim)

Leanne: Communications Manager (Hug Lover)

Serah: Finance Officer (Our Adorable Unnie)

Courtney: Sub-committee and Organiser (Devoted to Dramas)



We hold 3 sessions a week:

Monday (Language & Culture): 6-9pm in L414 (Flaxman Building)

Wednesday (Hang out sessions with activities and sharing interests): 6-9pm in L414 (Flaxman Building)

Friday (Kdrama/media nights): 6-9pm in L414 (Flaxman Building)


Please note: This year Language sessions are split into 3 parts
Beginners Korean 6-7pm
Culture Section 7-8pm
Next Level Korean 8-9pm


Dramas we have watched: 

W: Two Worlds


Kill Me Heal Me

Laughter in Waikiki

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Hotel Del Luna


Currently Watching:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


We hope to see you soon and if you have any questions drop us a message here or on our facebook group!