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Official Staffs Uni Airsoft Club. Adrenaline fueled team based sport. Great way to relieve stress while also making fun new memories and team mates. Everyone's welcome in this community.


Staffordshire University Airsoft Society

Airsoft is a competitive team based sport where the players must work with their teams to accomplish pre established objectives. You’re maybe thinking: “This sounds a lot like Paintball”, and you’d be right. Airsoft and Paintball have a lot in common but they also have a lot of differences, such as the weapons used and the type of events held. As a Society we go Airsofting every other week at some amazing sites in close proximity to the University, such as the FOB ran by West Midlands Airsoft, which provides a fun and adrenaline fueled experience. 

Whether you’re a current player or just someone whos seeking an interesting hobby, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will answer any questions regarding our society or just Airsoft in general; we are a friendly bunch don’t worry.