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Simpsons, Futurama and Disenchantment Society Episode streams Game nights (Hit and Run, Wrestling, Arcade game, etc.) BBBQs (The extra B is for BYOBB) Small quizzes Board game nights

Staffs Simpsons, Futurama and Disenchatment Society

We are the ancient mystic society of no homers, (we're allowed one homer), Also known as the simpsons/Futurama society. To keep up to date on this society, please check out our facebook page at

We also have an email if you want to contact us (you can also message us on facebook) but here you go anyway:

Activities include:
Episode streams

The main thing we would do in this society is stream episodes/movies of simpsons and futurama, For simpsons we will be primarily focusing on the episodes from season 1-around 16 as that is considered the 'golden age' of the simpsons. However, we would be showing all seasons of futurama as they are all considered good. For certain seasons like halloween and christmas, we would be showing episodes themed to the season like treehouse of horrors and christmas episodes. 

Game nights (Hit and Run, Wrestling, Arcade game, etc.)

What would a simpsons society be without game nights? We will bring along all the classic games from the simpsons like hit and run, road rage, wrestling, etc. For games like the simpsons wrestling and simpsons arcade game, We could have tournaments to see who is the best!

BBBQs (The extra B is for BYOBB)

Note: That extra B is a Typo.

Yes like other societies, we are planning to have Barbecues. This could also double up as a meet and greet for people at the society, but we could have that as another event aswell. And of course we have to name the Barbecue event after something from the simpsons, cause references. (BBBQ)

Small quizzes

Another idea we had is that we could rent out the back room of the ember lounge and host small quizzes about simpsons/futurama for fans of the shows, Come prove you are the best simpsons/futurama fan!

Board game nights

Lastly, we would have nights playing all the simpsons themed board games. These include monopoly, simpsons cluedo, etc. We could also play other games not directly linked into the simpsons if you bring them along to the event.


Pub crawls

Another idea is that we coukd go around stoke and try out all the flaming moes that are there! An optional thing is that we could do it while cosplaying as simpsons characters which could be quite fun


Thats all for now, but we will hopefully have more events down here in the future! See you then!