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Esports Events

Hi Everyone,

The Esports course have created a society around the things we are learning in our lectures and tutorials. And we need your help! We want to host tournaments on a weekly basis for all sorts of different games, from League of Legends to Counter Strike to Smash and everything in between.

So how can you guys help and get involved? Well, have you ever wanted to be a caster? Or a host? What about helping behind the scenes with the cameras and lighting? These are the kinds of things we want to practice and want others to get involved with and help.

But how can we have tournaments without players? Well if you want to show off then all the tournaments will be streamed LIVE on twitch!!  You don’t have to be apart of a team already, just make one when the signups are open and away you go!

Want more info? Join our Twitter: Facebook: and Twitch

Hope to see you guys at events.

From The Esports Events Team