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A Student Group of activists who actively campaign for a people's vote and aim to represent the youth voice on Brexit.

Brexit is not inevitable.

It is obvious that from the current trajectory of negotiations, that young people’s futures will be severely damaged by leaving the European Union.

In a democracy, people should have the right to change their minds. It’s clear that the Brexit that many people voted for is not what they’ve got now. Nor do people have faith in this Government to deliver one which protects our economy, our role in the world and opportunities for young people

So, we’re clear. Let there be a people’s vote on the terms of Brexit. And let us have the final say.

Who are you jokers? 

We are group of students and young people, who believe its time for the people to be given a vote on the terms of the Brexit.

We’re based across the UK. Different backgrounds, politics and lived experiences – united by a common aim: to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and that the biggest decision to affect this country in generations is shaped by the people who will have to live with its consequences.