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We are a casual football interest society. We look to chill and take a look at the more obscure parts of the beautiful game.

As a member of the Football Hipster society, you can expect to chill and look at more parts of the beautiful game!

We host football gaming tournaments young and old. Whether it be the latest instalment of FIFA, a massive Football Manager session or possibly a throwback to the 90's on International Superstar Soccer on the Nintendo 64!

We will also get together and watch games from all over the world. Games like the Belgrade Derby or Der Klassiker or maybe even de Topper in Holland. It's a more casual society so there's no worry about interfering with studies or sports teams at the University.

We may even watch some brilliantly bad or wonderfully obscure football videos. Who doesnt want to watch the Goal series!?

Even if you don't think you think anything in football can interest you, there will be somthing that you find brilliant. We all thought it was coming home at some stage right?

We are open to all ideas! Just join us and look and breathe all things Association Football!