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2019 is a big year for us all! This is because we have created a safe and exciting space for all enthusiasts for the world, people, and the questions that come.
This isn't just about books; our experience of the universe traces back to many forms of communication:

  • Music

  • Art

  • Language

  • Even FOOD! (yum)

The Humanities Society was created to organise cultural trips to run alongside the humanities degrees. We aim to run our trips with your modules in mind, in order to give a student-led first-hand experience which complements your classroom learning. Just a few examples of potential trips include theatre trips, for the English students, and museum and cultural heritage trips, for the History students. Of course, these trips are open to everyone; you don't need to be on any specific degree to be able to go on any of the trips.

We also hold regular pastoral sessions with volunteers from our older years. Members can come along to these sessions on a drop-in basis to get an essay proof-read, ask us any questions about the course or university that you might be embarrassed to go to a lecturer for, or even just pop in for a chat about university life. Our hope is that after receiving any support you may need at the start of your degree, you'll be willing to volunteer and do the same for the following years students. By doing this, we can work together to make the humanities school of the university a tight-knit family who are proud to be Staffs.

Our main purpose is to connect with each other. University is a sea of people - many of whom we don't have the pleasure of meeting and, amongst this sea, are people with the same interests as us.

This academic year, we will bring together people of all ages and skills, to:

  1. spread tips and tricks on writing important essays;
  2. visit new places with cultural significance;
  3. learn more about ourselves and others to enrich our view of the world;
  4. help each other become work-ready;
  5. have fun!

Join in on the fun! We're excited to see new faces and are always welcoming.
There's nothing scary about the application process; just keep an eye out for our events so you can meet our group and experience new things each week!

If you have any ideas or things you wish to see in the society, contact us and we will be happy to discuss them.