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Students Assemble! A chill group of people with a similar interest. A society dedicated to all things MARVEL and DC, appreciating both the comic book franchise and cinematic universe for both companys

Welcome to the MARVEL and DC Society!

Whether you're a first-time movie enthusiast or a hard-core, long time fan of the comic books, we are open to any and all people who want to join!

Over the year we will be holding Film nights and Games nights on alternate weeks, where we can discuss the latest MARVEL news, vote for the next film we watch together and have a friendly chat. Feel free to bring food and drinks!

Alongside these regular events, we will also be organising cinema trips to all Marvel & DC Movies.

If there is anything else you want to know, you can contact us at the society's email address, or head over to our Facebook Page.

Students Assemble!


Clara de Rambures (Manager and Communications Officers)

Eanna Walker (Finance Officer)