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Do you like shooting your friends or do you think by shooting them, you think you'll get arrested. But by joining the Nerf society today you can.


For this year (18/19) we will be adjusting the time from last year as it was super early in the morning on a saturday and no one wanted to turn up becasue it was so early after a night of drinking 

The session will consist of games and information about what's gonna happen and how we're gonna run things and some opportunities that will be coming up in the future


Hey guys my names Chris and im running the Nerf Society for this year . Along with Matt who is com's and andy who is finance

After the issues we ran into last year i chose to take over the society as its manager.

I aim to get as many people as i can involved and i will be try to get some fun and exciting events in all year round . 


Game Modes

We will be playing up to 8-9 different game modes these include;

  • Teamdeath Match
  • Capture the flag
  • VIP
  • Infected
  • Domination
  • Artifact
  • Free-For-All 
  • Juggernaut

Each game mode will present different rules and situations that will make you think on your feet. 

Now i'll go a little in to detail about the different ones:


Everyone knows this game mode, it is the most popular game mode. Basically 2 teams will battle it out to reach a set kill count and who ever gets there first wins.


In this game mode youll need to get a flag and get it to your destination to score points 


You must protect the VIP at all cost and get him to the destination to win


Is a team vs 1 person if you get hit by him you become infected and fight on his team you must survive to win. A stun timer will be set so you can fight back.


Capture all points and hold them to win you must place the flag on the location to cliam it


A scientist has been asigned to your squad you must protect him whilst he collect all  the artifacts collect all the items to win


Every man for him self collect object of people when youve killed them the way you win is the person with the most tags wins


This game mode is 1 team vs 1 person with a box on their chest to win get 20 darts in the box however the juganaugt can not did unless 20 darts are in the box


You can bring your own blasters, in terms of darts the society will be bringing all the ammo, so you dont have to bring you own except if you have rivals then you will have to use your own 


For this Im open to sugguestions, but your money will be put in a pot and will be used for;

  • Inflatable Barricades 
  • A possible trip out  to go to toy fair down in london around january which will be fun (finding out details)
  • end of year meal e.g. pizza hut or something similar.
  • Socials in ember occasionally

NOTE:the society cannot accept physical money you need to pay though the union website website or go to the student union.