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-Streaming Society- Ever felt like networking was the hard part to do when streaming ? We bring it to you, a step closer, offering you to hang out with streamers alike and have fun overall !

Welcome everyone to the Staffs Streamer Society !

Here, you will be joining a passionate crowd of all kinds of Streamers, from Gaming to IRL. Numbers don't matter for you to join, from beginner to full-fledged side job Streamers, we are here to share our passion and work, regardless of how seriously you take it. Here, you can expect us to :

Answer your questions You don't know where to begin, streaming was always a thing you wanted to try out, ask us what you are looking to do, get opinions on how stuff could be done and be guided through.

Interact with You Everywhere you look, it always sounds like the keyword is : networking and it is true ! Networking is a big part of your streaming experience, what you do outside of your streams can help you too ! This is why we are pushing the Networking further by bringing you face-to-face interaction, a possiblity to physically hang out with other streamers and create relations that aren't just virtual.

Have Events While this is the first year of the Streamer Society, we surely will have events that would appear on an upcoming twitch page for Staffs itself and collaborations for major releases (Fallout 76 and other online games for example) or have charity events under the University's name to help out ! Collaborate and have fun ! Simple as that, have fun, stream together, talk together, we are all here to share our moments and just enjoy our year at Staffs while still doing what you love !


Rules As with every society at Staffs, there are some rules to follow. While we are working on stuff we enjoy, we need to press that if you wish to interact for events and such, there will be rules to follow, which are all in line with the Twitch Community Guidelines.

It is strongly restricted to :

Share personal information, being it your own or other streamers here Break Rules from the Twitch Community Guideline Regarding the Community Guidelines, if you wish to interact more with the society when it comes to joining events for the staffs stream page or be hosted by it. Staffs has requested us personally to make sure that each streamer wishing to be hosted and participate to events would be checked and approved by us to avoid issues that would affect Staffs themselves.

Common rules for social interaction are obviously to be followed, respect everyone, don't ask for trouble


Staffs Streamer Society is not an assurance of the success of your own streams.