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Join the cruelty free life now, for the animals, for the environment and your health!


Welcome to the vegan and vegetarian society at Staffs!! 

This is welcome to anyone, whether vegan, vegetarian or just intersted in the lifestyle and want to learn more about it.
This society is a great way to meet like minded people who have similar intersts and passions as you, as well as showing meat eaters that being vegan/vegetarian means you can still eat the same foods, just without the cruelty! 

We meet every fortnightly in order to discuss anything vegan/vegetarian related which can include new products, any tips, new options in chain resturants and anything else worth discussing. 

Socials are also a big thing due to the fact it's a great way for others to be open to vegan/vegetarianism and show other students about the lifestyle. this includes: bake sales, film/documentary nights, nights out, vegan cheese and wine nights, trips to animal sanctuaries, demonstrations, and trips to get food! 

Join the cruelty free life now, for the animals, for the environment and your health! 

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