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Welcome to the Voice Acting Society!

This society aims to unite all people interested in voice acting, people who do voice acting or voice overs and such, and people who are looking for voice actors! Our aim is to provide as much helpful information as we can to people who want to get into doing voice acting as well as people who have been doing it for a while but need some tips and tricks!

Meetups will consist of discussing different projects and ideas, sharing past work or demo reels to see if people would be interested in having some VA help on a project. and using the facilities in the university to record and test peoples talents! The society will be accessible for everyone, there are no boundaries, all we have are some rules:

  • #1: Respect everyone here, this is a must! Everyone is unique and different, do not mock, bully or demean others!
  • #2: Please be nice to other members, for any project managers or so, if a voice actor doesn't have the voice you're looking for, feel free to give them some feedback and be polite. For any voice actors, please know that feedback is important, always be willing to take it on the chin and learn from it.
  • #3: Have fun, be expressive, don't be a stranger, and have a good time!


Meetups will consist of meeting up in one of the available rooms, (Will be discussed in our discord server, link will be in the bottom of this) and in the Henrion Media Centre for recordings (to be organised) There will also be voice calls on the discord whenever everyone is available, this can be organised through the discord!

Other than that, we're happy to have you in our society!
Discord link: