TSUC - Witchy Wednesdays

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Wed 26 January 2022 11:00-15:00


11am - 3pm




TSUC - Witchy Wednesdays

Witchy Wednesdays are our weekly Society meet ups!?? Each week has a different theme and topic that we can explore, from tarot to crystals to paranormal investigating!?? No week is the same, always different!!

This is your chance to get involved with us! Because on Wednesdays, we're Witches????

    If you're wanting to find a place that helps you to move forward spiritually and emotionally, then we are your people and Wednesdays is our day to come together - this will be the time for to self-reflect, learn how to ground yourself and learn more about your path as you grow as an individual everyday!????

    So don't be shy, join our Society and our meet ups; we're like one big family???