Collaboration of Communities - LGBT+ CONFERENCE

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Sat 15 February 2020 10:00-17:00


10am - 5pm


Staffordshire University LRV and Verve Venue



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Collaboration of Communities - LGBT+ CONFERENCE

An LGBT+ Network Conference, inviting universities from around the UK to come together, to develop and discuss LGBT communities and spaces at universities. Working together to enhance the LGBT+ experience for students at university.

Here in the LGBT+ Student Network at Staffs we have a great system in place and a supportive community.

At a meeting of London universities LGBT+ groups in September it was said that: -

“The role of the Queer Society is to educate, inform and support students and staff”

This is a sentiment that myself and my full LGBT+ committee agree with, and as such, we are hosting a one-day conference, here on our Stoke campus. This is something we would love to become an annual event that is hosted by different universites for years to come. 

It would be an opportunity for all invited to come together, learn and share from each other.

It would take form with 4 workshops that all participants can have input into, helping those with less formed student groups to develop.

It has became clear to us at staffs that we have a very well developed and progressive environment in which to study. 

We have a trans-inclusion policy, gender inclusion training for staff, an ally’s scheme for staff, 3 weekly sessions of 20+ attendance and two fortnightly meetings with the same. We campaign for our members rights and hold additional events also.

These are things we feel we can share with others and are willing to!

It is our intention to have speakers talking on the issues of being a LGBT+ student in 2020 and what can be done to help.

Our Student Union President, Connor Bayliss, is fully onboard with this project and supports the coming together of student unions in name of mutual support, education and the betterment of our Community.

An information pack will be sent out to those who have registered, to help with travel arrangements and local knowledge for the day, in addition to this we will be using Slack, a group chat service, which can be used in app or web browser, of course this is not a requirement but it is encouraged to join via this link: