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How to Improve your CV

These days, employers don’t just look for a degree, they want to see practical work experience on your CV and what else you have been up to throughout your time at university. Having relevant work experience, extracurricular activities and the skills that you gained on your CV will make you more employable and you will naturally stand out from the crowd.

At Staffs, there are so many opportunities to build you CV and get work experience that can help you in your future career. Here’s some of the job we recruit for every year.

Hear from the Student Staff

By working for Staffs Students Union, you can gain great work experience, learn new skills and build your confidence in a variety of different roles that can help you start your career. Don’t believe us, hear from them…

Typically, we employ new students around March every year, giving us plenty of time to prepare you to start work with us the following academic year. Although this our main recruitment period, we do look out for new student talent year around in all areas from marketing interns to shop workers.

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Looking for something else?

Working in the Union isn’t the only way that you can improve your CV and really stand out on that piece of paper. There are so many opportunities to get stuck in, make the most of your student experience and improve your CV as a result.

If working part-time for the Union doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we also have volunteering roles that also provide opportunities for you to gain some worthwhile work experience from.

Become an Academic Rep

The role of an Academic Representative is to represent the views of the students on your course to University Staff and the Students’ Union. If you or someone on your course identifies an issue with your course, it is your role to report this in termly meetings and to suggest a reasonable resolution.

By being an Academic Rep, you can gain leadership skills and problem-solving skills. You’ll learn how to liaise with Academics and how to be the responsible "go-to" source for helpful advice.

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Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you will be a part of different projects that can open you up to new experiences where you might have to adapt, be a friendly helping hand and sometimes problem solve.

By being a volunteer you’ll meet people from all sort of background and really prove to employers your character. You’ll have opportunities to prove your leadership skills, numeracy skills and teamwork just to name a few.

Volunteering demonstrates you to be a kind natured, well-rounded and helpful person which is attractive to a lot of employers.

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Manage a Society

Being a part of a club or society will show that you have interests naturally make you appear more interesting. On top of this, if you become a part of the management team in your club or society, you will gain skills that could include leadership skills, communication skills, event management skills, teamwork and so much more.

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