Student Support Services - Number 4

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This week I have met with three support services finding out what they do along with how they give information to students.

On Tuesday I met with the Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union - who provide free independant practical advice to students on a range of issues that you might face.

On Thursday I met with the International Student Centre - who provide not only help for international and EU students, but also help with UK students who want to study abroad. Along with providing trips around the country and events for all students to attend.

And then on Friday I met with the Accomodation office - who are here to help with everything from allocating university accomodation and issues that might affect you while living there, along with also helping with private landlords around the area and the studentpad website.


From everything that I have found out this week I have made note and have put the information together. This will then show what all of the areas are doing, but have seen that some areas do need to talk to each other more to find out what is going on.


Next week I will be meeting with more services and getting information about them to create a full directory of all of the support services available. I will also be trying to find out if there are any other areas which provide a support service to students at Staffordshire.


If you can think of a support service that I might have missed, or would like more information about what I am doing for this Student Academic Partnership then please do email me at:


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