Student Advice Centre Volunteers - Week 1

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Blog number 1 for the Student Advice Centre Volunteers. - How am I meant to summerise what I have been getting up to over the last few weeks,


Well to start - the volunteer project with the student advice centre at this moment in time has managed to recruit a total of 8 volunteers, everyone who has been recruited, has had a minimum of basic training to volunteer with us in the future.


I have also been out and about at both the Stafford and Stoke campuses with the Money Doctors team to try to recuit some more students to become volunteers with us in the future. If you are reading this and you are interested in become a volunteer for the student advice centre then please click on the link below for more infomation.

Student Advice Centre Volunteers.


Looking into the future I have also had a meeting with the Student Advice Centre regarding how the project is going to run over the next few weeks and putting in place a robust plan of action for everything that we are looking at completing.


More information will appear on here in the next few weeks.



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