Student Advice Centre Volunteers - Week 2

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This week

This week I have been creating a database to store all of the volunteers information within - including details of what each individual is interested in doing.

We have also had new interest from a student to become a volunteer.


We now also have two volunteers at Stafford who are almost ready to start delivering the Access to Learning Fund workshops - this is fantastic as it will mean that our advisors will have more time to either see students or complete work to help students. And at Stoke we have got a volunteer who is about to start training for this very soon.


The next few weeks

Over the next few weeks I will be trying to promote the volunteer scheme and also try to arrange the admin side of the volunteer scheme so that it will make it easier when we get more interest and further training available.


One again if youa re reading this and would like to volunteer with the student advice centre then please follow this link for more information. (Click Here)


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