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Hey all,

I am a member of the Labour Party for the SouthWest. We had to vote on Friday 26th July, for what campaign would be priority in the 2015 elecions. I voted for the Living Students campaign, as student accommodation is my focus for you students.

All Labour Students should run a priority campaign on student living conditions and their respective rents. Thousands of students are forced to pay far above the average rent prices of their local areas but are being expected to live in filthy and sordid living conditions and are being continually ripped off by unscrupulous estate agents. We should work with students and local councils to create a ‘golden standard’ for student estate agents and work with politicians to increase the basic living standards of multiple occupancy dwellings (student houses). Labour Students priority should be making a real difference to student's lives and the conditions and rent prices students are currently expected to live in and pay for is unacceptable.  

I do hope this campaign wins priority that us students can change accommodation in all regions and for all universities.


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